Bands Undone is an acoustic session series involving exclusive interviews with indie acts for a small stripped down performance and Q&A.

Each session is hosted by Canteen Art Shop + Gallery located in the ByWard Market in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They feature original design and street-inspired artwork from around the globe, as well as a large selection of art + design books, art prints, stationery, and other novelties.


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Caledonia: Review & Video

Photo by Ming Wu

After receiving four ECMA nominations and touring Canada for the last few months, Caledonia stopped by Bands Undone for a very satisfying and engaging set. One of my favorite moments was hearing We Are America performed live - what a great group of guys!

The band is also very environmentally conscious and more bands should follow in their footsteps. By using an access card powered by Drop Cards, people can download their record through their website (similar to the idea of iTunes), but the amazing thing is, the cards are embedded with wildflower seeds so they can be planted and grow into beautiful flowers. How wonderful is that?! What a great band!

Watch this video YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Thank you to Caledonia and Basically Brian for the great videos!


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